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Watering in a greenhouse - how do you water properly?

Watering in a greenhouse - how do you water properly?

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Ventilate your greenhouse once a day

Watering is not that easy. Not in the garden and certainly not in the greenhouse. Only those who water their vegetables correctly will benefit from them in the long term. The only question is: how do you water properly?

Water enough once a week
It is best to water on a sunny day, as this ensures that the vegetables have dried again by evening. It is particularly important in summer that the vegetables get enough water. You should make sure that this not only happens superficially, but that the water can penetrate to the roots. For this reason, you should rather water enough once a week, which is about 20 liters per square meter, rather than just a little every day. So much more water gets to the roots and the vegetables can develop splendidly.

Ventilate the greenhouse thoroughly every day
For fruit vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, you should always take stale water out of the bin and never wet the leaves, so only water from below. A greenhouse is a big advantage for tomatoes and cucumbers in spring. By the way, always remember to ventilate the greenhouse thoroughly once a day, even if it is cold outside.