Gardening in July - 8 tasks

Gardening in July - 8 tasks

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There is a lot to do in July

In summer we enjoy the many beautiful flowers that bloom in our garden. But there is also a lot of gardening to do in July and the other summer months.

There is a lot of work to do
July is one of the months when you can enjoy the garden on the one hand, if the weather is good, but also a month in which there is a lot of work to do. We have put together a small list of tasks for you to do in July.

Gardening in July:

  1. They should be fertilized at the beginning of July so that dahlias, gladiolus and other bulbous plants and onion plants get beautiful flowers.
  2. Summer lilac, or Buddleja, is now blooming properly. So that you have true blossom dreams well into autumn, you should always cut off the faded panicles immediately. In this way, new flowers form permanently.
  3. If the ivy proliferates, it should be cut back now. Cut the young shoots.
  4. If July is particularly dry, the lawn should be watered regularly.
  5. Are you thinking about planting a bearded iris in the garden? Then now is the right time for it.
  6. Perennials that spread too much in the bed should now be reduced in size. Root balls are cut off with a spade. So the other perennials in the bed also have a chance.
  7. Daffodils can be found in almost every garden. However, if they flowered only moderately, you should divide them now. So you get strong again.
  8. Dahlias sometimes develop very large flowers, which consequently also become very heavy. So that they do not bend, they should already be supported.